Writing captions & Using hashtags

Lesson 17 Chapter 4

What you write for your profile or bio is very important as it gives a sense of who you are as a person or brand. Using a favorite quote or even just a short descriptive sentence can work. Keep in mind that having interesting copy for your bio will help users decide if they want to follow you or not. 


For Instagram you have 150 characters so keeping it short and to the point is essential. 

Here are some examples for a personal account on Instagram:

  • Living vicariously through myself.
  • To truly live is the greatest adventure there is.
  • Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard.

For a business account on Instagram:

  • We help people achieve their dreams.
  • Putting customers first since 2010
  • Official home of (brand name) on Instagram

Have fun, share some of your personality and use emoji's and hashtags that are relevant to your message. 

Using Hashtags in your copy

  • You should create brand or personal hashtags that you use frequently to define what you’re posting about and also who you are as a brand / person.
  • You should also define some "interest" hashtags that you can use to help people find you and better understand what your account is about.
  • Example of interests hashtag: #photography #travel #coffee
  • Example of Signature Brand hashtags: #MyBrandName #MyBrandSlogan
  • Example of specific Brand Hashtags #MyBrandNameProduct1 #MyBrandNameInspiration


On Facebook you can use the same caption that used on Instagram, but it can also be longer as you don't have the same character limitations - always keeping the message of what your page or brand is trying to convey in mind.

For your cover photo

  • On Facebook although hashtags are not as critical as on Instagram adding your “brand” hashtags that are relevant to the photo or time of year and this can help you get additional attention and help your branding.
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