Updating Your LinkedIn Company Page

Lesson 21 Chapter 4

  1. From your homepage move the cursor over “Work” on the far right and select “Create Company Page”
  2. Select your company size
  3. Enter your company’s official name and work email address
  4. Click “Continue” and enter your company information
  5. Under Profile details click on the choose file in the logo section. Find your logo and select it.
  6. Now you will see your new business page, click on the far right of the cover image area to upload your cover photo.
  7. Underneath your company logo you can add a short description or a catchphrase. Click on the pencil on the far right of this section to edit this area.
  8. You can go down the list and edit all your details from the Header to your location and hashtags.
  9. Once you are down modifying these details on the top right hit “Save” to commit the changes.
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