Creating a Square Profile Photo

Lesson 7 Chapter 2

Perhaps the most important image for your brand on social media is your profile photo. Think of it as the face of your brand, the first (and most frequently viewed) photo a potential customer is going to see.

In most cases, by creating a single square profile photo you will be able to speed up the entire branding process by using that one image across all social media platforms.

The first thing you want to decide on is a style for your profile photo. Do you want to use your business logo, a headshot, or an experience photo?

It's very important to note that even though you are uploading a square photo, in some cases, the corners of your photo will be rounded off to form a circle. Make sure your entire logo is within that circle or a focal point of the photo isn't cut off!

Avoid the guessing game... Download and use our template to be confident your photos will look great on attempt #1. 

  • Recommended upload size: 1080px by 1080px
  • Min. recommended size: 500px by 500px
  • Max. file size: 200kb
  • File type: jpg or png
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