Business ​Strategy Coaching

We understand that building a business is no easy task. You have created several goals and have hundreds of tasks to do. The challenge becomes focusing on the activities to achieve those goals. If you have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months, and even years chasing success and still can’t figure it out, you are missing a person. Hiring The Why Builder as your personal Business Strategy Coach will help you get crystal clear on your goals and priorities. We will help you align your daily and weekly activities with your goals and show you the path of least resistance. Business is not easy but we will make it simple.

Our coaching program has 2 simple goals: 
1. Drive revenue with a healthy profit
2. Allow you to live the life you planned when you started your business

Month to Month - No Contracts!

What do you get in this program?

  • Weekly sessions w/ success proven business ​strategy coach
  • Assessment in your business’s productivity & profitability
  • Build a system of accountability into your business

1. Goals & Priorities​
2. Collaboration & Communication
3. Accounting​
4. Project Management​
5. Sales​
6. Marketing
7. Reports for strategic decision making

  • Customized strategy for the following areas

1. Startup / Launch
2. Sales
3. Marketing
4. Team & Leadership Development
5. Financial

  • Weekly action items to meet vision and goals
  • Accountability partner to make sure you stick to the plan
  • Immediate feedback on ideas (sounding board)
  • Identify key habits to maximize potential
  • Members only discount on all business optimization & digital marketing services

Terms & Conditions

Month to Month - No Contracts! (We want to earn the right to do business with you)
100% Satisfaction Guarantee (up to 30 days)
Billed on the 5th of each month (Auto Pay)
Must set standing meeting each week (Specific day and time)
Changes in schedule must be notified 24hrs before meeting