​Content Management & ​Communications

We were initially contacted by a department within a respected tech company to help with design projects around power point presentations. After working with the client for several months we were able to learn more about the area’s we could optimize within their department. There is a lot of communication and reporting going on and we helped standardized many of these processes by creating optimized workflows and integrating different software together to automate many steps.

Another area we provided support was on social media. There wasn’t a consistent social media strategy in place so we helped developed one. One of the challenges with managing the social media accounts was the numerous amounts of content contributors. We solved this by creating a publication workflow that had 1 portal with a set of rules and guidelines for submitting content.

The Problem #1

  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Bi-Annual reporting labor intensive
  • Information stored in multiple places: Email, Word, Powerpoint, Text & Instant Messages
  • Inconsistent reporting format

The Solution

  • Create and implement a cloud based content management system using SmartSheets
  • Create publication workflow and categorization rules for each type of report
  • Create PowerPoint template for each type of report
  • Build automation tools to export data from SmartSheets to bring into PowerPoint professionally formatted
  • Properly document and train staff on new workflows and management of content system

The Results

  • Reduce time to create each report by over 60%
  • Eliminate the task of searching through multiple mediums to find data for each report
  • Deliver professional and polished reports to audience

The Problem #2

  • Inconsistent social media growth and engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Not maximizing opportunities via social media

The Solution

  • Develop and implement a social media strategy to incase engagement and visibility
  • Create publication workflow to receive content and post
  • Post and engage with audience daily
  • Set up meaningful and useful reporting and metrics

The Results

  • Increase in followers and engagement
  • Consistent voice and presence on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Smoother publication process between team members and The Why Builder
  • Understand what types of content increases engagement with audience

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