Soaring Eagles is an after school program that has 3 locations within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). We were contacted by the president, Micah, because he felt his website was out dated and they weren't getting enough new leads.

After a 1 hour consultation we agreed that rebranding his company and creating a digital communication strategy would fix many of his problems. While we were rebranding Soaring Eagles we ended up digitizing and automating their entire onboarding process. This saved the parents and staff a ton of time and headache. No one wants to print out 10 forms, sign them, and fax them back in or have to drive back to the school to drop them off.

Moving forward we manage their website, build their newsletters, and design any new marketing material and flyers they need. Below are some of the problems we solved for Soaring Eagles and the results they have achieved.

The Why Builder has breathed new life into my business. Working with Stephanie made my life easy and I’m very happy with the new look of my company and new customers.

Micah H.

President of Soaring Eagles After School Program

The Problem #1

  • Outdated logo & website

The Solution

  • Rebrand the company

The Results

  • Updated logo, website, and messaging
  • New professional and branded marketing material
  • Updated physical signs throughout locations
  • Custom email addresses with branded signatures for all employees
  • Increase trust by having staff bios and clear messaging on website
  • Reduce sales time on phone and in person

The Problem #2

  • Child onboarding process was confusing & inconvenient for parents and difficult for staff to manage

The Solution

  • Create new optimized and automated onboarding workflow
  • Implement electronic onboarding process using Adobe Sign
  • Use Google Drive to Store completed forms in an organized file structure
  • Train staff on how to use new systems and provide support to parents

The Results

  • Parents can now fill out and sign all onboarding forms online via computer or mobile device
  • Staff can now easily search and find forms when needed
  • No more messy piles of forms and folders to maintain year after year

The Problem #3

  • Business was only obtained by word of mouth and referrals

The Solution

  • Register business on Yelp, Google Business, and Facebook Business
  • Professionally brand each profile
  • Increase search engine rankings (SEO) by adding address information on website and submitting to all major search engines

The Results

  • Increase in inquiries and enrollment
  • Reviews created increased trust and reputation
  • Easier decision making process for parents

The Problem #4

  • Difficulty notifying all parents about updates and key dates

The Solution

  • Develop and manage a digital communication strategy
  • Create monthly newsletter
  • Create SMS broadcast to parents for updates and reminders

The Results

  • Parents kept up to date more frequently
  • Increase in engagement with parents
  • Build higher trust with parents by frequent and professional communication

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